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Lt. Matthew Brotherton of the Lexington Police Department

Earlier this summer Dallan met Lt. Matthew Brotherton at the Lexington Pride parade event and had a great conversation about addiction. Tonight, Andrew and Dallan talk with him about what it takes to be an officer in the age of Narcan and some of his insights into addiction.

Sometimes you meet someone that unexpectedly blows your mind and that was certainly tonight’s interview with one of Lexington’s finest.

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Tanya Meeks of Stop Heroin Lexington and Larry McCoy of Unofficial Unleashed

Tanya Meeks and Larry McCoy stop in to talk about the fight against heroin and homelessness.

Tanya is the president of Stop Heroin Lexington (provider of a ton of Narcan training and supplies), and Larry McCoy runs Unofficial Unleashed bringing music, and recovery to the homeless, with a focus on homeless vets.

Unofficial Unleashed
Stop Heroin Lexington

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Mikaya Taylor shares her bluegrass music and the challenges and triumphs of a family dealing with addiction.

Mikaya Taylor

Twelve-year-old Mikaya Taylor released her first CD Small Town Big Heart in 2016, and she is very grateful to have had some of the most talented musicians in the business be a part of that project. She has very recently recorded her first single “I Never Really Knew Him.” It is an original song written for Mikaya by Barbara Owens and it is about Mikaya’s personal life. John Herndon of Anderson News has this to say about Mikaya’s new song: “Singing sensation debuts song describing life without a dad.” You can find the new song, download it and listen to it by going to You can also check out Mikaya Taylor and Raging River on Facebook for more videos and photos.

Mikaya says, “This is my first original single release about my personal life story. It is a powerful story about how I have been affected by not having my father in my life. I hope that everyone who listens to my song is touched in a special way and blessed beyond measure. I hope to send out a message of hope to kids out there that they can be a successful part of society without their absent parent and even though they weren’t around they can be okay without them. There is such a strong message in this song that even fathers and mothers who have left their children have messaged us telling how this song has had a huge impact on them. I’m certain you won’t be disappointed. Everyone knows someone that can relate to my song…”
Mikaya Taylor

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Jay Dow of SOBER MOTOR COMPANY, and Jeff Goins, Jordan Wilson, and Germaine Dunn of RISE UP!

Join the Andrew Hager Live team as they have an exceptional night of recovery and music with Jay Dow of Sober Motor Company, Jeff Goins, Jordan Wilson, and Germaine Dunn of Rise Up! It’s a party up in here.

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired but want recovery that isn’t boring and stale, join us every week on Andrew Hager Live! We’ll be taking on addiction and inspiring each other to win, every single day!

Check out our Website for information on our message, and if you need help to overcome your challenges or the challenges of your loved ones, reach out to us on Facebook.