Lt. Matthew Brotherton of the Lexington Police Department

Earlier this summer Dallan met Lt. Matthew Brotherton at the Lexington Pride parade event and had a great conversation about addiction. Tonight, Andrew and Dallan talk with him about what it takes to be an officer in the age of Narcan and some of his insights into addiction.

Sometimes you meet someone that unexpectedly blows your mind and that was certainly tonight’s interview with one of Lexington’s finest.


  1. Andrew – I’m a fellow recovery warrior and finally feel at peace with my life and my God. I don’t know what all he has in store for me, but I know it’s a life without drugs and acolhol! Your energy is contagious my dude…this IS your calling. Keep spreading the good word, positive energy and DON’T PICK UP NO MATTER what and things always work out. As my sponsor says, if I keep that shit out of my body I’ve got a chance. I’d love to come across the mighty Ohio River soon and meet you if I can. We need to keep the light shining for those who need love and hope. Let’s make them finally see this sober life is a damn blast!!

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